I'm Ricky! I am a freelance visual content creator based out of the Greater Seattle region who is passionate about being creative, telling stories, and creating community connections with my work. 
I've graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Public Relations, Journalism and a concentration in Sociology. My passion for PR grew from my love of being creative and finding a field of work that supported my vision in digital arts. I believe social media is a powerful tool to connect and build relationships with individuals across the globe over mutual interests.
Reaching to this point of my life was never easy. Being a Cambodian first generation high school and college graduate, I had to be self-driven and determined when it came to my work and reaching my goals. 
Although my passions lie within PR and freelance visual content creation, I also run a creative multimedia and music agency under the brand, LGCY Media LLC where I manage a collective of Asian American visual and music artists across Washington and Hawaii. 

Feel free to shoot me an email at rickyr.rath@gmail.com and let's collaborate! Let's create a legacy. 

Thank you!
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